🥇 Jonny Brownlee's quest for gold has a been a long and patient one (to say the least). ☕ 🇬🇧

Stepping out from his brother's shadow in what could be his final olympic games in Tokyo was touching. His departure loomed for a little on the world stage until we saw a glimmer of that Brownlee boy magic.

“It’s about time. I keep on trying to get gold medals, Alistair’s won two so far and to go home with one and get towards matching him is super special. It’s the first ever mixed team relay in triathlon so we’ve made history in that. I feel like I’ve been part of a lot of history in my career and that’s just another one. It’s capped off my Olympic career.”

Jonny Brownlee

A bit about the design:

🇯🇵 The Tokyo 2020 chequered emblem is both beautiful and dizzying. It's irregularity made for a perfect crumbling platform for Jonny to race across - similar to the levels you might navigate in video games like Crash Bandicoot. If you look closely, you might see the ghost of a former Brownlee boy competing for gold. 👻

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