Creative agencies work at a dizzying pace. Blink and you might miss what we get up to at Six.

So back in 2018, I was dying to help shed light on the dozens of projects in progress, share creative experiments and commercial learnings along with funny things Sixers said. I setup a barebones email template and got to work on a curating a weekly newsletter for my colleagues. Last month, I reached a milestone after posting our 150th Six Fix 🥳

Here’s what I’ve learnt along the way

  • Done is (often) better than perfect... My very first email was basic but it got the ball rolling. Over the years, we’ve tinkered and finessed how we do things. Most recently, evolving our look and feel which includes a custom set of illustrations (created by me) featuring our dog mascot Seven.
  • Deliver as consistently as possible... set the expectation, think of it like beating a drum BUT remember you can always switch it up if it’s not working. We’ve posted on Fridays, Mondays, even Hump days and recently switched from weekly to fortnightly.
  • It’s normal to doubt yourself and what you’re doing... “Does anyone even care?”… if on this train of thought ask for feedback from your peers, make it a 2 way conversation. If you’re doing something wrong, you’ll know about it soon enough.
  • Build it and they will come... I was a designer that spotted an opportunity, got by with what little copy skills I had, made plenty mistakes. Then around Fix #114, we assembled a team of copywriters and designers. Now our words and subject lines finally have the love they deserve!
  • Ask yourself, where next?... In the words of the master himself David Heiatt “it doesnt matter how big your tribe, just your passion”. Make time to challenge how you do things and seek out the fun.
  • Quality over quantity... Amen ✌️

With 150 fixes now under our belt, and no sign of us letting up - I couldn't be happier with what we’ve achieved. Here’s to many more fixes and wherever it goes next.