Hyped to share this Bikers Base t-shirt/hoodie design I created with my good buddy Rob.

It’s reminiscent of the wooded landscapes found in and around the Pacific Northwest - otherwise known as Rob’s new playground since moving to Boise, Idaho 🚴 πŸŒ² πŸ

Who the hell is Rob?

I’ve known Rob since 2008 when we got talking at my local skatepark. He was new to Southampton, having hopped the pond from Dusseldorf, Germany to come and study and sample what the UK had to offer. He naturally became one of the big hitters and nicest guys in the local scene. I got to pick up loads of photography skills from him along the way, challenge myself to do bigger and better tricks, swap music, film funny skits, holiday in his hometown and share some real good times together.

Rob now lives in Boise, Idaho (along with his wife Gracie and pup Hermann) - still shredding even if his knee keeps telling him to quit. And no matter how little or often we speak, we’re there in full force anytime one of us posts some new riding footage πŸ™Œ πŸ™Œ πŸ™Œ