Explore Learning

A new identity and website to boost children's learning in UK schools

Recently listed as the UK's top private tuition centre provider, Explore Learning are committed to helping the next generation conquer their difficulties in school, specifically supporting those who require extra help in Literacy, Maths, 11 plus exams and/or rebuilding confidence. Yet with a bland visual identity and fearce competition, Explore Learning were first to admit they needed some help themselves to revitalise their brand and digital marketing. 

Whilst working at Strawberrysoup, I was responsible for designing and delivering the full rebrand, a new website design and ongoing UX support. The brand took visual cues from it's humble beginnings for familiarity, with a hand drawn aesthetic to feel personal and friendly. To add depth, I created a secondary palette which helped inform an illustration and iconography style. We made the website as flexible as possible so the in-house creative team would have the tools to build landing pages for their seasonal campaigns. I also created concepts for new signage, direct mail, leaflets and name badges. 

Digital insight
I streamlined key user journeys like 'Find a Centre' so parents could invest very little to find useful information on how Explore could help them and answer their needs. Overall, the messaging highlighted a sense of convenience and affordability with personal touches for each centre. This helped build trust by letting users get to know their local tutors, find testimonials from other parents and kids in the area and from an SEO perspective increase organic traffic.

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