16 Mar

Does anyone remember VSCO?

I just stumbled across some old pictures I published using an image editing app called VSCO in 2016. I forgot all about them - as you do! To think these were shot on a very poor quality phone at the time. I guess it's just one of many digital traces you leave lying around on the internet as you grow up. I'm sure my Myspace or Bebo account is still hanging around somewhere. Here's what I found:

05/06/2016 - Stopped midwalk to shoot this lego like construction in Shepherds Bush.

Another photo I took on my phone in 2016 using the image editing app VSCO. A proper blast from the past which I'd forgotten all about. This time it was my old Honda TL125s motorcycle which we rebuilt.

OTT editing! - But this is one of the best pictures I have of my old Honda TL125s in it's naked days. Stripped down to it's frame and rebuilt in my Grandad's garage. It wasn't the most reliable but I loved it.

9 Feb

New year, new 35mm prints

Sat out the back of the van, eating some porridge with my best friend Josh in rainy Pembrokeshire.

Back in November, me and Josh went on a little road trip around South Wales. This was our breakfast in the car park.

A narrow view of the Tenby coastline in Wales

Wandering around Tenby, we spotted this little slither of paradise.

Punk Goats

These little fella's were so funny! Kept getting in our way wherever we walked. Plus they look like punk rockers.

Coastal path walk in Pembrokeshire

The best dogs can be found on coastal paths. Shame about some of the walkers.

A brief stop off in Rossilli, The Gower

Before the storm, we tucked into this tidy little place in Rossilli, The Gower.

An unusual up close photo of my dad. He's going to hate this one!

Dad's going to hate this one. But I took a unusually up close shot of him on the train from Corfe Castle to Swanage. I love the amount of detail that came through on this shot.

A break from all the walking. Me and dad watch the sunset.

Sweaty, damp and tired. We had a little light left to guide us to Kimmeridge Bay. It was a beautiful view though.

Josh caught contemplating life

Sometimes you don't have to talk.

Victoria Rooms, Bristol

I feel incredibly lucky that is part of my commute to work. The light always shines real good here.

28 Jan

Blue Monday

In light of Blue Monday last week - considered the most depressing day of the year by those heads of consumerism - I thought I'd inject a little fun into my day. I've been obsessed with watching tutorials on how to dance the Lindyhop recently (a late 20's swing type dance that was huge in America). It's such a joyful thing to watch and listen to. Wish me luck with the dancing!


It was refreshing to draw people like this. I'd usually stay clear of anything that involves people. I found some great imagery online to use as reference - otherwise the people would have looked a little more blob like.

23 Dec

Top 3 of 2019

With 2019 coming to a close very shortly, I thought I'd look back on the year and challenge myself to do some sort of write up without getting too spiritual or pretentious. For me, this years been a little different and there's been some highs and lows but overall I can't be happier going forward into 2020. I went back through my photo's and video's and picked out my top 3.



Back in summer, we put on a surprise party for my best friend's partner at their flat in London. It was sweltering! So much so I thought the leaves were melting. Sadly this was down to our poor, merry state of where to put the bbq, which eventually scorched the leaves that hung above. A weekend full of silly dancing, good music, food and company.


2019 was the year I thought I'd try my luck with owning a van. It's seen a lot of use in it's time so I was a bit weary of how good it would be or whether it would pack up on me. But touch wood, it's been brilliant! Just the ability to go somewhere new with the bike and a hammock in the back has been really fun. Driving to Dungeness was pretty great for a week off. I took this video in Teignmouth after staying the night in the van. Just by luck, there was a skatepark a minute's walk down the beach from here. Since then, the van has offered plenty more trips to Wales, Cornwall and any other skatepark I can find.



Lastly, this photo made the list because it felt like a proper fluke. My uncle and I were in Austria on a snowboard trip - my very first snowboard trip which was very exciting. On the last day, we had a look around Innsbruck. Up until this, I'd only really shot bits of us snowboarding, an odd bit of architecture and of course loads of cars and curious looking motorbikes. We were doing a lot of walking. We walked past this wall and with the light, it felt like a great set up - even if no-one was in the photo, which is usually the case with my photo's. But in the spare of the moment, I cut my uncle off mid sentence and forced him to be in there. Awkwardness and how squinty his face is aside, I really love how it turned out. Plus it's a great reminder of how incredible snowboarding was which wouldn't of happened without this guy.

So there you go, there's my top 3. Until next year, thank you, Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

17 Nov

A Munich montage

I went to Munich with my dad and uncle in 2012 for 4 days. It worked out cheaper to see AC/DC there than in the UK! It was a gift for my dad who's loved them for years but never been to a gig of theirs. Fortunately, it was the period where Brian Johnson was still singing along with most of the original band.

Whilst away I captured bits and bobs of our trip on camera. The photo's I posted as soon as I got home from our trip. I then owned a Fuji x10 and it was the first time it was real accessible to capture reasonable quality video content. One thing I've always enjoyed is being a bystander and recording the quieter moments of life. You might notice this in some of my photo's. If not, no worries I'm not going to ramble on at you that my "art" should be taken seriously. I'm not one of those types!

Sure enough over time, these snippets of recordings have accrued some serious storage space on my SD cards. I guess the hope was to one day compile these shots into some sort of video. So first up we have a montage from Munich which I edited in Premiere Pro and After Effects. I deliberately stuck to a no frills sort of edit, that means jump cuts to transition from one shot to the next. Empty frames for effect and some fun. All text has been set in a font I've been developing called Blight (more of that another time). Enjoy!

Music credit:
Alexei De Bronhe - Jakuzzy
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