16th March 2020

Does anyone remember VSCO?

I just stumbled across some old pictures I published using an image editing app called VSCO in 2016. I forgot all about them - as you do! To think these were shot on a very poor quality phone at the time. I guess it's just one of many digital traces you leave lying around on the internet as you grow up. I'm sure my Myspace or Bebo account is still hanging around somewhere. Here's what I found:

05/06/2016 - Stopped midwalk to shoot this lego like construction in Shepherds Bush.

Another photo I took on my phone in 2016 using the image editing app VSCO. A proper blast from the past which I'd forgotten all about. This time it was my old Honda TL125s motorcycle which we rebuilt.

OTT editing! - But this is one of the best pictures I have of my old Honda TL125s in it's naked days. Stripped down to it's frame and rebuilt in my Grandad's garage. It wasn't the most reliable but I loved it.

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