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17th November 2019

A Munich montage

I went to Munich with my dad and uncle in 2012 for 4 days. It worked out cheaper to see AC/DC there than in the UK! It was a gift for my dad who's loved them for years but never been to a gig of theirs. Fortunately, it was the period where Brian Johnson was still singing along with most of the original band.

Whilst away I captured bits and bobs of our trip on camera. The photo's I posted as soon as I got home from our trip. I then owned a Fuji x10 and it was the first time it was real accessible to capture reasonable quality video content. One thing I've always enjoyed is being a bystander and recording the quieter moments of life. You might notice this in some of my photo's. If not, no worries I'm not going to ramble on at you that my "art" should be taken seriously. I'm not one of those types!

Sure enough over time, these snippets of recordings have accrued some serious storage space on my SD cards. I guess the hope was to one day compile these shots into some sort of video. So first up we have a montage from Munich which I edited in Premiere Pro and After Effects. I deliberately stuck to a no frills sort of edit, that means jump cuts to transition from one shot to the next. Empty frames for effect and some fun. All text has been set in a font I've been developing called Blight (more of that another time). Enjoy!

Music credit:
Alexei De Bronhe - Jakuzzy
Icons8 Stock Music