Archives for January 2019

30th January 2019

Peblo animation

I've been messing around in procreate a lot recently on my ipad in the bid to animate a little character called Peblo. Here's a rough animation test I did earlier today using After Effects. I really like the time delay for the facial features so it feels more realistic and charming at the same time.

Still some work to be done in animating the water and movement of Peblo as the water catches him by surprise.

20th January 2019

Danny’s old VW golf


I finally made good use of my half tone brushes in Procreate to illustrate a different classic car. When I was a kid, my uncle owned a Volkswagen Golf cabriolet that he customised by painting sky blue and was his pride of joy. I remember it well most because how could you forget a car in that colour!